Real Estate/Commercial Media
I understand that your home is not just a building, but a place that your family has created lasting memories. Making sure that the essence of your home is accurately represented and that it stands out from the alternatives is of top priority to me. By creating my own brand of professional Real Estate photography, HD cinematic videos and 3D Interactive Virtual Tours using the ®RealVision showcasing platform I can achieve this for you. These tours are also amazing tools for businesses to show their space to prospective clients like the Sarnia YMCA shown below! Also, the captivation from aerial imagery can not be overstated and so I am in an exclusive partnership with David Cooke of InSkyPhoto to provide stunning cutting edge, drone filming for Real Estate and Commercial ventures.

Additionally, as an entrepreneur, I count it a privilege to encourage other businesses. Whether you're a Real Estate agent showcasing a home, a business wanting to share their story, a community agency excited to promote their good deeds or an industry needing aerial imaging of a project, video communication is the most effective medium today for achieving this. Below you will see Sarnia's own, Needham Spine Centre, who were well pleased with their promotional video. Let me show you how I can help your media marketing strategy showcase your success!